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How willing are you to speak your truth and enter unknown depths of intimacy?

The Power of Speaking Our Truth in Intimate Relationships

People say that truth is subjective. It is. People say that the truth will set you free. And it does. People say many thing about the truth but not many really speak theirs. Sadly, this is a huge missed opportunity for radical and authentic self-expression. But what’s worse is that not speaking our truth stands in the way of having deep and meaningful relationships. We don’t realise that by not sharing our truth, we deprive ourselves of what we most value: love.

Here is how …

Truth and Intuition

I find the truth reassuring. It might not always be what I want to hear but it is always reassuring in the end. To me, knowing the truth feels soothing and liberating. I can deal with what is. I can’t deal with the fear-inducing figments of my imagination while telling myself that my intuition is off in the hope that I am wrong. We all have intuition for a reason … Innate wisdom is always within us.

‘The only real valuable thing is intuition.’ Albert Einstein

I am not going into philosophical debates on what ‘truth’ is or means. The truth is that we all live in separate realities. Our realities are constructed by our unique ways of thinking. There can be 1 situation and if there are 6 people involved in it, there will be 6 different stories. They are all valid. They are all true. True to that person. I value each truth and I value others’ unique perceptions. I love the subjectivity of it all. It’s flowing and it’s free.

When we feel that our partner is not truthful with us, it can evoke a lot of insecure thinking. Habituated thinking patterns of old attachment injuries might get awoken. Jealous tendencies can rise to the surface. We might engage in unloving behaviours. When we feel removed from the truth, a lot of insecure thinking comes up and causes emotional distress. Something just feels off. We are no longer at peace.

It is usually not so much the content of what is being kept from us but rather the fact that something is being kept from us. Transparency is inherent in truth. It’s like we can intuit the absence of it.

‘You know the truth by the way it feels.’ Anonymous

Truth Creates Space



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