What Exactly Is Soul-Alignment?

Marlena Tillhon MSc
2 min readMay 27, 2022
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INTRODUCING … the Concept of Soul-Alignment (from my frame of understanding)

So what is Soul-Alignment and why does it matter?

Soul-Alignment is a beautiful term that describes you being a complete match to your deepest truth, to who you are at your core on all levels, emotionally, behaviourally, cognitively and somatically.

It’s am embodied expression of your soul — the you free from any conditioning, the you that consists of nothing but love and potential.

And how is it relevant?

It’s super-relevant and important because it helps us to get what we want in a different way than ever before.

Since the beginning of time we have fought hard to get what we want.

We’ve hustled. We’ve compromised ourselves. We’ve sacrificed ourselves and others.

There is this prevalent, persistent and deep-seated belief that we have to fight for what we want and that getting what you want has to be hard to be worth something.

And we keep it going without ever challenging this assumption.

But that is what it is: a thought-created assumption that only looks true because we never try out anything else. We see it as our only solution and stick to it instead of being open to anything else.

It’s time we change that!

Instead of doing it the hard way by fighting for what you want while burning yourself out and losing the will to live, you can get into alignment with your soul’s core-desires and follow your own strategies for realising them.


It works.

And no, you don’t have to become religious or anything you don’t want to be.

You just have to allow yourself to be open-minded and believe in yourself more.

Your soul knows the way.

It’s just that not many of us were allowed or encouraged to listen to our inner truth and so it can feel wrong, weird or scary.

But don’t let that put you off! Everything new is strange at first … that hasn’t stopped you in the past!

Definitely won’t stop you now.

You have access to a new way of getting what you want. Anything!

A soulmate partner.

A successful business.




Your dream home.


But don’t suffer for it. Don’t hustle.


Align everything to your soul’s desires.

Match the energy behind it.

The way you think.

How you feel when you are aligned action.

Soothe your body.

Call in Next Level You to guide and encourage you.

There is a simple way for you to get what you want and it just so happens that it’s also deeply healing and empowering.

No struggle. No stress. No strain.

Just pure alignment.

The soothing way to success.

Message me when you’re ready for your Soul-Aligned Success Activation.

With Love




Marlena Tillhon MSc

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