Why Slowing Down Is Essential to Self-Care

Marlena Tillhon MSc
5 min readApr 9, 2019

Most of us live life in the fast lane. There are jobs to do, bills to pay, chores to tick off ever-increasing to-do lists, kids to raise and family to tend to. 24 hours a day just doesn’t cut it and so we need to rush.

We rush from one task to another, from one place to another, from one thought to another. The word ‘stressed’ doesn’t even come close to describing what we often feel like.

Our minds are racing and we are rarely ever present. In this, we tend to neglect the one thing only we are truly responsible for: ourselves.

The Misunderstanding of Self-Care

Many of us know about the concept of self-care. But because we do not truly understand what it means, we apply the same process to it. We see it as yet another cluster of chores: work out at the gym, earn more money for massages, shopping sprees, gadgets or holidays, choose a new diet or hobby or socialise with a new crowd.

More stress!

But that is the way to take better care of myself, right?

No, wrong.

What ‘To Care’ Means

To care means to provide something that is essential for health and wellbeing. This includes everything that is necessary for the maintenance and protection…



Marlena Tillhon MSc

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